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[Statement] Response to Dark Money Attacks on AAPB

The following is in response to a highly misleading attack by the Taxpayer Protection Alliance.

AAPB released the following statement:


Unlike the Taxpayer Protection Alliance (TPA) which doesn’t disclose its donors, Gigi Sohn has made no secret of her board membership with Tucows. Her election to the board was announced via a press release and celebrated in the press and on social media. Ting is also one of many proud members of the association.

These attacks would be laughable if their motives were not so sinister. TPA is one of the many dark money organizations attacking public broadband across the country at the behest of Big Cable. Astroturf groups like it go after legitimate organizations like AAPB to stall the growing momentum towards communities adopting publicly-owned broadband networks to bring more competition, higher speeds, and better prices to their residents.

We vow to fight each and every dark money organization paid handsomely by incumbents to foil public broadband. So far, we’re winning against groups like these in cities and states across the country and we don’t plan on backing down.residents.


Media Contact:

Aaron Alberico




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