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[News] RDOF Winners Seek Amnesty Amidst Rising Costs

Photo of a reel of conduit ready for installation.

The following article was published by Broadband Breakfast:

The proposal to pardon award recipients from broadband deployment commitments without subjecting these companies to the full penalties outlined by program regulations comes from a letter penned to the FCC by nearly 70 broadband experts, trade associations, internet service providers, state and local officials, nonprofits, schools, unions, and more.

The letter raises concerns regarding the progress of the FCC's broadband expansion efforts, pointing out that “there are a large number of census blocks throughout the country where RDOF and CAF II awardees have not even begun to build their networks for a variety of reasons.”

To further incentivize relinquishment, the letter calls for the commission to consider increasing the penalties for awardees who default after the proposed amnesty period is over.

The full article is available here.



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