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[News] National Public Broadband Group Takes Issue With Mass Priorities' Campaign

Photo of a reel of conduit ready for installation.

The following article was published by The Falmouth Enterprise:

An advertising campaign launched at the end of October against municipally owned broadband networks has drawn the ire of the executive director of the American Association for Public Broadband.

In a statement released by the association this week, Gigi Sohn criticized the group running the campaign—called Mass Priorities—saying it is using “false and tired arguments” against these municipal networks. She also claimed that “big cable” companies like Comcast are footing the campaign’s bill. Mass Priorities has declined to say where it is getting its money.

With its ad campaign, Mass Priorities is calling on municipalities to shift spending away from locally owned broadband networks and instead prioritize water quality, education and bridge infrastructure.

Falmouth’s planned broadband network is one target of the ads.

Mass Priorities launched an ad campaign on October 31, funded with $500,000. But once that funding runs out, Christopher Thrasher, policy director for the organization, said, Mass Priorities will have more action plans in place.

“This is just the beginning,” Mr. Thrasher said.

The full article is available here.



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