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[News] Gigi Sohn on the fight for public broadband

Updated: Feb 18

Photo of a reel of conduit ready for installation.

The following interview was published by Light Reading.

In this interview with Light Reading, Gigi Sohn, executive director of the American Association for Public Broadband (AAPB), discusses municipal broadband networks in the US, including why and where they're popping up and which are most successful.

Sohn, a telecom policy veteran who withdrew her nomination to become an FCC commissioner last summer after a contentious confirmation battle, also explains how her organization is working to defend against efforts by incumbent service providers and "dark money" groups to derail community networks.

"What I find somewhat galling about some of the advocacy against public broadband is that it's not only a matter of 'I don't want you to compete with me.' It's like, 'I don't even want you to serve the places I don't want to serve'," says Sohn.

The full interview is available here.



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