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[News] Federal Inaction on ACP Spurs State-led Broadband Subsidies

Photo of a reel of conduit ready for installation.

The following article was published by Broadband Breakfast:

As federal ACP support wanes, state broadband subsidy solutions in New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia offer innovative solutions to maintain connectivity.

according to Gigi Sohn, executive director of the American Association for Public Broadband, the fate of the New York law could be undermined by the FCC’s recent decision to reclassify broadband as a telecommunication service under Title II of the Communications Act.

“The FCC could choose to preempt the law. It could find a rationale for not preempting, or it could leave it to the courts to decide,” Sohn said at the Broadband Communities conference on Tuesday. “Should the law ultimately stand, it can serve as a model for other states.”

Sohn said one of the more innovative state subsidy efforts that she has seen to connect households to broadband was introduced by Representative Daniel Linville, R-West Virginia.

The full article is available here.



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