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[News] DIY public broadband guide gives power to the people

Photo of a reel of conduit ready for installation.

The following article was published by Fierce Telecom:

In news that's probably not sitting well with public broadband naysayers, communities now have a handy guidebook to build their own networks. On first glance, the idea of a guide might seem dull, but if you've been following the news around opposition facing public broadband, the new book is akin to putting more power in the hands of the people.

Written for the American Association for Public Broadband (AAPB) by Bill Coleman and published by the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society, the book outlines the necessary steps and decisions for establishing a public network, and gives resources from law firms to equipment vendors.

The guidebook walks communities through the process, from creating a community broadband vision to accessing and understanding the tools and data available (ie. surveys and maps), said Adrianne Furniss, executive director of the Benton Institute. Getting to know existing internet service providers, as well potential new providers and their business models, is key to success, she told Fierce Telecom.

The full article is available here.



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