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[News] ACP, excluded from House spending package, creeps closer to death

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The following article was published by Light Reading:

The House of Representatives neglected to include funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), as well as the 'rip-and-replace' program, in its latest spending package, pushing both programs to the brink.

In a statement this morning in response to the House package, Gigi Sohn, broadband advocate and spokesperson for the Affordable Broadband Campaign pushing for ACP funding, called the lack of Congressional action on the broadband subsidy program "embarrassing."

"We are deeply disappointed that funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program is not included in the minibus spending package. Congressional inaction means that over 23 million families will lose their broadband subsidy in May.

"Because of political gameplay, about 60 million Americans will have to make hard choices between paying for the internet or paying for food, rent, and other utilities, widening the digital divide in this country. It’s embarrassing that a popular, bipartisan program with support from nearly half of Congress will end because of politics, not policy," said Sohn.

While the Senate still has to negotiate its own version of the package, and while the ACP Extension Act to temporarily fund the program with $7 billion has broad bipartisan support, it's unlikely there will be any amendments to include ACP funding in this week's final spending package, said Sohn in an email to Light Reading.

The full article is available here.



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